YouTube has added a new way to share and watch videos: YouTube Premieres. Premieres are a mix between live and traditional YouTube videos. You pre-record them, but then play those recordings live, with live chat and donations, just like standard live streams.

Premieres announce what time they premiere on your channel and appear in channels before they will air, giving viewers the opportunity to be reminded of them a few minutes before. This turns premieres into a sort of YouTube TV show with fixed airtime and no spoilers from other viewers (since you can’t miss it). Like live broadcasts, they are saved on your channel after the «premiere» and look like a regular video for everyone who missed the event.

This new direction makes a lot of sense for YouTube, as they are in a particularly good place to offer TV content. Premieres can change the whole dynamics of viewer interaction on the site. Premieres turn new videos on the site into a community experience and will be enjoyable for viewers and creators alike.

How to use them

As a viewer, all you have to do is set up when the video starts. You can even set a reminder to be notified when this happens.

There will be a two-minute countdown before the video starts, giving everyone a chance to sit down first. Unlike a live stream, this will not show up in the actual video once it’s made.

During the video premiere, you will be able to chat with other viewers and send donations in the form of a super chat, just like in a regular live broadcast. What’s interesting with Premieres is that the uploader can still interact with the chat while it’s live, since there’s nothing stopping them from interacting with viewers when the stream is on.

As a creator, when you set a premiere, make sure you do all the usual titles, tags, and descriptions exactly the same as you would on a normal video. If you have a different format for your live videos or want to add them to a live replay playlist, it’s best not to do this for premieres, but stick to the normal formatting. This is because after they are made, it will be available as a regular video.

For non-premier users looking for something similar, you can still schedule your videos for specific times, you just have to rely on your viewers to remember.

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