Disney recently opened 2 new Star Wars VR experiences at their resorts in Florida and Downtown Disney Los Angeles. Secrets of the Empire is a full VR experience using mobile VR devices as well as props and even scents to create the most immersive virtual reality experience we have. ever seen. We haven’t been able to see it yet, so this isn’t a review, but as far as we know, it sounds amazing.

Of course, not everyone will be able to see these experiences, so here is a list of some of the other Star Wars VR experiences available for you.

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Problems with Lenovo Jedi

The Lenovo Jedi Challenge is $199 and costs a bit more than other alternatives, but it’s also close to a full immersive Voids setting. Using your mobile phone, a custom headset, and a stunningly beautiful lightsaber hilt, you can finally fight the Sith or just sit back and enjoy HoloChess. To get an idea of ​​just how good Jedi Challenge is, check out Russell Holley’s review on Android Central.

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PlayStation VR: X-Wing mission on the Star Wars front

Star Wars Battlefront added a cool side mission in an update to its PlayStation 4 version last year. In it, you will be able to control the X-Wing mission in the game from your PSVR in first person. Because it’s an old game and really just a demo, the experience is a little nasty, but it’s a great first foray into space combat in Star Wars.

Flying around the cockpit of an X-wing is everyone’s dream when they first watch Star Wars, so if you already own the original game, it’s definitely worth playing. In fact, the game only costs $20 at best, so it might be worth buying just for that.

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Star Wars App: Jakku Spy