The Amazon Echo is a very capable speaker that can easily fill a room with sound. While you can play music directly from the device itself, here’s how to connect your smartphone or tablet to your Amazon Echo and use it as a Bluetooth speaker.

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The Echo has several music services built in, including Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon’s own Prime Music service, but if you want to play something through the Echo speaker, you can plug in your phone or tablet and use that like a regular old Bluetooth speaker.

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However, there is no mechanism to use it, it’s speakerphone, and if you make or receive calls from your smartphone while paired with echo, the calls won’t be routed to the speakerphone. Likewise, text messages cannot be read on the Echo and notifications on the device will not be passed to the Echo speaker.

How to link your device with voice command

Amazon Echo’s biggest selling point is voice control, so it’s only natural that you can initiate the pairing process with your voice. Before proceeding, make sure you have the device you want to connect to and that you know where the Bluetooth settings menu for your device is located. We will pair iPhone with Echo, so if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can monitor them directly, otherwise, customize them according to your device.

To start the pairing process, make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth function is enabled, and then enter the following command:

Alexa couple.

Alexa will reply that she is ready to pair and that you should check the Bluetooth settings on your device. On an iPhone, you’ll find the Bluetooth settings in Settings > Bluetooth. There you will see an entry for Echo like this:

Select an entry to complete the pairing process.

How to connect your device from the Alexa app

In addition to pairing with a voice command, you can also open the Alexa app on your phone or tablet and start the pairing process there.

Start by clicking on the menu icon in the top left corner.


Select «Settings».


Select your echo from the list up.


On the next screen, click Bluetooth.


Here you can select «Pairing Mode» to start the pairing process, or if you need to remove Bluetooth devices from echo, you can select «Clear» to completely erase the Bluetooth pairing list.


Once you have selected «Pairing Mode», the app will display a pop-up window telling you that it is in pairing mode.


From here, you need to go to the Bluetooth settings on your device to connect the echo to your phone or tablet by simply entering the line in the previous section.

Using and reconnecting your paired device

After connecting the device, you can immediately start using the Echo as a Bluetooth speaker for any streaming service, podcast or video on your phone or tablet. When you leave the zone, your device and echo connection will be disconnected. When you return to the speaker in the future, it will revoke your pairing and you can reconnect the device with the command:

Alexa, come on.

The command always reconnects the Echo to the last paired device. If your Echo is not pairing with the device you are currently using, you may need to re-pair it with your Echo to resolve any connection issues.

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