By default, Netgear Arlo cameras have their own serial numbers, which can be confusing after adding multiple cameras to a setup. Here’s how to rename them in the Arlo app to make it easier to tell which camera is which.

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Open the Arlo app and tap the «Settings» tab at the bottom.

Select «My Devices» at the top.

Your cameras will be listed here and will most likely have serial numbers as their names. Go ahead and select the camera. In my case, there is only one camera.

Scroll down and click Position Mode. This will give you a quick live view of the camera so you can see which camera it is.

Click the back arrow in the top left corner.

Scroll back and click «Name».

Click on the serial number and enter a new name for your camera. Something like «front door», «garage» or «back porch» would be ideal, depending on where the camera is mounted.

Once this is done, click «Save» in the top right corner.

At this point, you are ready. Repeat this process for each camera if you have more than one.

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