Love Plex? You’ll love the Plex Pass even more.

The Plex Pass brings you new features before anyone else, as well as exclusive features only available to Plex Pass owners. If you love your home media center as much as I do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Read on to learn more about the top-notch Plex experience — and we have four lifetime Plex Passes (worth a total of $600) to give away!

What is a plex?

If you do not understand what I am talking about, but I have interested you, I will do the following: Plex is the best media center software . We have written an extensive guide to Plex. before, but here’s a short version of what makes Plex so great:

  • It is beautiful With DVD covers and movie posters, metadata and more — Plex looks simply fantastic .
  • Does not require lengthy setup . There are several complex ways to collect metadata and media posters, but this usually requires an obscure naming scheme first; Plex does it all automatically . You don’t have to sit and tediously rename each file to match a specific scraper format. Just put the files in your server folder.
  • Works everywhere . Windows, Mac, web and mobile clients, they’ll keep you protected. The choice of servers is a bit more limited, but that’s where your media is stored. The server transcodes the media on the fly, so your client always sees the optimal version.
  • Track playback . Do you want to finish watching this movie in bed? No problem: pick up where you left off on the tablet. Quickly find viewed, recently added or currently viewed media.
  • Plex It online queuing. When you’re browsing the web, a simple bookmarklet will allow you to queue up a media item (such as from YouTube or Vimeo) on your server for later viewing.
  • DLNA compatible . In the rare case that Plex isn’t available for your platform — like a Blu-ray player or an older «smart TV» — Plex offers full compatibility with the DLNA home streaming protocol.
  • Remote streaming . Not at home? Don’t worry — with a little router tweaking you can view all your media on the go.

With all this for free, you’ll be forgiven for wondering what features a premium Plex Pass can bring you. Let’s talk about what’s currently on offer, but remember that additional features are constantly being worked on and, as a Plex Pass holder, you’ll get priority access to them.


Early access and free mobile apps

Plex for Xbox One is the latest release from the Plex team and is currently only available to Plex Pass owners. It will be available to the general public at some point, but for the price — Plex Pass owners tend to get these new versions for free, ahead of everyone else. They are also currently offering preview versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.

Want Plex on your Xbox One?  You will need a Plex Pass!
Want Plex on your Xbox One? You will need a Plex Pass!

For Roku or Android owners, Plex Pass entitles you to free versions of paid apps.

Trailers and extras

An authentic home theater experience means having trailers before movies—with the Plex Pass, you can do just that. Simon previously showed you how to manually add movie trailers. commercials you already have, but the experience with Plex Pass trailers means it’s done automatically and you can also view trailers for future releases.

Installing the trailers feature isn’t as easy as I’d like, but hopefully they make the process easier. First, trailers must be enabled on both the server and every device you use as a client. For example, to enable them for a web application, this means updating both settings -> Servers -> Additional functions and Settings -> Player -> Additional functions . You also need to make sure that freebase film agent enabled — make sure you follow the outline of the support document exactly. This was the final major step in including Freebase as an additional «agent» for movie information, which eventually allowed me to use the trailers.

In the end, I really got the trailers to play and they are just as amazing as expected — a true cinematic experience. It made me realize how much I missed them as a movie opening method, and having them automatically added to your home theater is an amazing addition.

Additional information, such as interviews and cast profiles, is also automatically searched for by local media, although these are generally only available for the newest releases.

PLEX add-on

Camera loading

A new feature for mobile users, Camera Upload automatically adds your mobile photos to Plex Media Server — and works across platforms. Combined with user sharing, this makes it easy to view photos on any device and share them with friends and family.

While Apple offers similar functionality with Shared Folders, everyone is required to buy only the Apple ecosystem: Plex works with iOS and Android, and the Plex client is available on just about everything.

Plex Sync and Cloud Sync

Plex is designed to stream media easily to any device by automatically transcoding items into an optimized, compatible format. But mobile data coverage is far from perfect, and you don’t always have an internet connection—that’s where Plex Sync comes in.

PlexSync transcodes, then downloads the optimized media to your device for offline playback. Ideal for commuting and long distance travel. Using it couldn’t be easier: in the mobile client, find the movie you want to sync (before you go on an epic adventure) and hit the download button. Of course, you need to make sure that there is enough space locally, but you can set a limit so that you don’t accidentally fill up all of your device’s memory.


CloudSync similar but designed for when your home server is not available but another cloud provider is fine; it doesn’t sync locally, but prepares a copy of the media and syncs it somewhere else — Box, Copy, Google Drive, and Dropbox are currently supported.

Multi-User Control

The home environment is typically not single-user, so it’s surprising that most systems are still configured as such. With Plex Pass, you can give multiple users access to specific libraries — useful for limiting your children’s view of perhaps only your educational video library; or to share photos with family.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be in the same house — you can share certain libraries with friends or family across the country, which they can even view using the web client — so you can basically make your own personalized and super powerful Netflix. ,

It’s ridiculously easy to set up. In the web interface, select your server and select Share Server. Enter their username or email address and you’ll probably want to deselect the » share all libraries» which will allow you to select specific libraries only for public access . Hit save and you’re done! Of course, they will also need to accept the invitation, but they will receive an email invitation automatically.


Note. The default behavior of the server is to make everything available on the local network — so if you’re trying to restrict libraries from being used by different members of the same household, you’ll need to enable local network authentication first. Make it out Plex web apps -> Settings -> Server -> connect -> Show additional .

Subscription plans

The best price for a Plex Pass is a lifetime subscription available for $149, but it will only be available for a limited time. You can also subscribe yearly for $39.99 or monthly for $4.99 — Sign up for a premium Plex Pass! It’s a small price to pay if you’re serious about your media experience and want to support the developers of the best media center app.

We have FOUR lifetime Plex Passes up for grabs for a total of $600 — enter below for a chance to win one!

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