For users Skype a real treasure is available with animated emoticons . These emojis can spice up your conversations or help clarify the emotion behind your message, whether you’re a regular user or using Skype for Business . Here’s how to find and use Skype emoji, including some hidden ones you might not know about.

Skype Emoji are available in Skype Standard and Skype for Business. However, Skype for Business may not offer the same emoticons, as for the consumer version. You’ll find variety in both versions of the software, and many of the standard Skype Emoji are available in both versions, even if the software looks different.

How to find Skype Emoji

Are you using Do you Skype on a computer or Appendix Skype on your smartphone or tablet, it’s easy to find and use emoticons. When you select a contact and open the conversation window, look for the little round smiley icon in the field where you type your message. Select smiley and Skype will open a window showing the available emoticons.

Skype screenshot with emoji button highlighted

If you’re on a computer, scroll through the Skype emoji window to find the one you want to use. On mobile devices, swipe sideways to scroll through the options. You can also select category icons to jump to specific sets, such as animals or national flags. If you still can’t find the emoji you want, search for a specific emoji by selecting the search box and entering a keyword.

How to use Skype Emoji

There are several ways to use Skype Emoji. The first one is easy: choose the emoji you want to use with the method you learned in the previous section. This will paste it into a text box where you can add more emoji or text.

The second way to use emoji in Skype is to enter emoji into the text field. Skype allows you to type many of the most common emojis, such as a smiley face or a blinking face, by typing a version of the emoji, such as 🙂 or;). Emoticons differ from emoticons in that emoticons consist solely of keyboard characters and symbols to display emotions.

Each Skype emoji also has a code that represents it, and you can enter those codes to use the emoji. For example, there is a smiley that has an idea. To use it, type (idea) into the text field. When you send your message, the code is converted into emoticons.

Skype screenshot showing the emoji label

There is no easy way to find emoji on mobile devices. However, you can hover your mouse over the Skype emoji on a computer and the preview at the top of the window will show you a big idea of ​​the emoji along with its description and bracketed code.

The emotions you see and the emotions your recipient sees may differ depending on the version of Skype that each of you uses. Some emoticons may not appear.

How to use hidden emoji

Skype does not show all the emoticons it has. Many may not appear in the emoji window you are viewing. However, you can use the search function on your mobile device to find these emoticons. On a computer, you must know the emoticon code and enter it in the text box as described in the previous section.

You can find the full list of Skype emoticons, including hidden ones, in the section support on his website.

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