Many users like the updated features Microsoft Edge . However, one feature that was sorely lacking in the original Internet Explorer is the ability to change the download location directly from browser . Read on to learn how to set a new download location.

The instructions in this article apply to Windows 10.

How to change the default download location in Windows 10 for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has an easy way to customize the download location. There are also some advanced settings in settings Windows 10 to change where other files are stored.

It’s better to change the default download location when you’re setting up a new Windows 10 PC, restarting your PC, or you only have a few files in your original downloads folder. It may take some time to move files from the old path to the new path.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.

    Microsoft Edge home page.
  2. Select Settings and more (by 3 horizontal dots) in the upper right corner or click alt + X .

    Screenshot of Microsoft Edge with the Advanced Options menu highlighted
  3. Select Settings .

    Screenshot of Microsoft Edge with Settings option highlighted
  4. Scroll down to item «Downloads» and in the section Selecting a Save Location » select » Change» .

    Screenshot of Microsoft Edge settings from
  5. Find the location you want, then select » Select folder» .

    Screenshot of Microsoft Edge with Select Folder button highlighted

If you want to change the default location for different file types in Windows 10, do the following:

  1. open Settings . Either go to start menu and select the item Settings or click Windows key + I .

    Start menu in Windows 10 with settings highlighted
  2. Select System .

    Windows 10 settings screenshot with system highlighted
  3. On the left side select Storage .

    Screenshot of Windows 10 System Preferences with Storage heading highlighted
  4. In chapter » Additional Storage Options » select » Change location storage new content» .

    Screenshot of Windows 10 storage settings with
  5. In the window Change where new content is saved select a default location for various files such as new applications , new documents , new music and others.

  6. Select the drop-down arrow next to the item you want to change, then select the appropriate drive.


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