Not so long ago, some of our writers from around the world shared what their workstations looked like. and many of them were amazingly beautiful. Do you work at home? Are you tired of your usual home office? We have a cure for you.

In addition to our tips for designing a great workstation design an amazing workstation design an amazing workstation you can completely transform your workspace with a little bit of lumber and a lot of body fat. Woodworking isn’t as hard as you might think, plus you can’t get over the deep satisfaction of using furniture you’ve built yourself.

Whether you’re a beginner or a woodworking veteran, we’ve got project ideas that you and your home office will find useful.

Mini laptop desk

Have you ever experienced laptop overheating? ? It’s not very pleasant when your computer is so hot that you can’t even put your palms on it.

The main cause of overheating laptops is the accumulation of internal dust. While dust accumulation is an expected problem with any device that requires air to circulate through it, dust can accumulate faster than usual if you put it on a carpet or floor.


The best way to minimize the problem? Pick up your laptop and keep it on a hard, level surface. A laptop is the ideal solution as it is as light and portable as the laptop itself.

It doesn’t take long to create one for yourself and the results are well worth it.

IKEA Standing Desk

Here at , we are huge supporters of the standing table: . Many of our writers suffer from problems that come from sitting all day long. which could be avoided with something as simple as a periodic position

Don’t put it off. Switch to a permanent table as soon as you can and prevent long-term pain and suffering. Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, leg pain — you don’t want to deal with it.

diy-office-woodworking-ikea-standing table

Luckily, you can create a permanent table for about $50 using only items purchased from IKEA. In the DIY furniture world, this is called «hacking,» which may sound silly, but actually works pretty well. There is a whole community dedicated to IKEA hacks, so check them out if that interests you.

After assembly, consider the following standing table accessories standing table accessories which will make your new workflow easier to handle.

Modular stacking shelves [больше не доступны]

No home office is complete without a little shelf space. Shelves are a common DIY woodworking recommendation, but interesting ones can be a bit tricky to put together.

diy-office-woodworking-modular stacks-shelves

This particular type of shelf comes from Lowe and delicately follows a line that is between simple, functional, modern and aesthetically pleasing. What I like most about this is that it is completely modular.

For a small amount of money, some know-how, and a few hours of your time, you can build these modular shelving units, which are essentially individual boxes and boards that can be mixed and matched to form an endless number of shelving combinations.

Ergonomic computer desk

These days you can get a new computer desk for less than a hundred dollars at places like IKEA and it will really last a few years or longer if you take good care of it. In other words, you probably won’t save much time or money by building it yourself.

However, if you want to create it for that beautiful feeling of self-satisfaction — or just to challenge yourself — then this ergonomic computer desk is a great project.


It is built using high quality desktop wood and a range of metal pipes and flanges for support. The design is primarily about ergonomics and comfort, but also features a bottom shelf for extra space.

As the author admits, it is not cheap and not fast. If you prefer to create an ergonomic desktop for less money, you can try the author’s previous version instead, which costs about $350.

Floor to ceiling bookshelf

Forget IKEA. Forget bookshelves that you can pick up and move around at your leisure. Want to tackle something more challenging, something that requires more commitment on your part due to its persistence? Try building a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf.

diy-office-woodworking-floor to ceiling bookshelves

This project from Family Handyman will teach you how to create a bookshelf inspired by the early 1800s Greek Revival architectural style in America. It looks fantastic, but whether you agree or not will obviously depend on your personal tastes.

Despite the decorative appearance, the assembly process itself is easier than it looks, even if you take into account the built-in side ladder. According to the instructions, if you’ve ever hung a door or decorated a room with new molding, you’ll be fine.

This is an expensive undertaking, so be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars (at least) and spend several days of time from start to finish.

Wall mounted shoe organizer

I don’t know about you, but I like to keep my home office as clean as possible (it helps keep my mind clear), which means taking off my shoes as soon as I enter. And instead of accidentally tossing shoes aside, I think it’s better to keep them in order.

diy-office-woodworking shoe organizer

While a shoe organizer doesn’t have to be more involved than a simple rug designed for this purpose, building one from scratch is a great way to practice woodworking.

This particular guide is from Family Handyman, one of the best resources for home projects. It’s quick to build, easy to customize or expand, and very cheap.

Wall notice board [Удален сломанный URL]

Lowe’s is one of the leading home improvement stores in North America, but even if you live elsewhere and never buy anything from them, you can still check out their online collection of ideas and project guides.

diy-office-woodworking-memo board

This note board looks deceptively simple but will teach you some important woodworking skills. Even though the materials are cheap and complicated, it will take several hours of your time.

When finished, you’ll get a wallboard split into a metal half (mostly for magnets) and a hanger half (for hanging supplies). Useful for home office of any creative.

business card holders

If you rely on word of mouth and communication to be successful in your field, don’t underestimate the value of a business card. Some might think that they are no longer relevant and prefer virtual business cards. but that would be a mistake.


There are so many services out there that print business cards for cheap. business cards that you can print business cards that that the cost is largely negligible.

But if you have business cards, it’s also important to keep them in perfect condition. Nothing says «unprofessional» like a business card that’s warped, wrinkled, or torn. These card holders are an easy, cheap and stylish way to stop worrying about it.

Whittled Peg Rack

Minwax is a company that makes wood finishing and coloring products, but they also have a lot of free articles that talk about the history and basics of woodworking. For beginners, this is a great first stop.


For your first woodworking project, why not try a shelving unit with pointed legs? It’s extremely simple — simple pieces of wood stuck into a large piece of wood — but extremely functional. Use it to hang clothes, keys, or whatever comes to mind.

This particular guide can be downloaded as a PDF, but it has a lot of useful tips for beginners. Highly recommended — and be sure to check out all of their woodworking projects if the peg rack doesn’t inspire you.

Where to learn DIY skills

Do you doubt your woodworking skills? Back up your knowledge with these woodworking YouTube channels. channels where you can watch and learn from people who know how to get around saws and hammers.

Still craving to expand your skills? Check out these generic YouTube channels for DIY. that cover everything from personal craft projects to home maintenance and beyond.

Do you have any other home office woodworking project ideas? What would you like to see built and trained? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Image Credits: Modern Wooden Office Via Shutterstock

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