Wine building and cosplay » Star Wars» is popular entertainment, thanks to forty years of movies and spin-offs. But how did you get started making droids, blasters, lightsabers, helmets and other items?

The best place for inspiration is YouTube, where you can find builds based on cardboard, foam, and even industrial pipes. Basically, there is something for all DIY abilities. Basically, not only can you build props to get superhero powers, you can also become a Jedi! (Disclaimer: not actually true).

Here are eight props Star Wars, which you can build houses this weekend.

1. Create your own X-Wing helmet

“Red Five standing nearby…” “Almost there…almost there…” “Negative, it just affected the surface!”

«Luke, you turned off your target computer, what’s wrong?»

Every line evokes the greatest scene in any movie. star wars : Attack on the Death Star. And over half of the characters on screen during this sequence (Battle of Yavin) are wearing helmets as they pilot their X-Wings and Y-Wings into seemingly insurmountable danger.

Making your own X-Wing helmet is not as hard as you might think. As shows Dustin McLean above, it can be done relatively cheaply with the tools you already have.

2. Assault Heavy Blaster Rifle

Can you imagine your chances of working for the Empire? Crush the little rebel scum beneath your feet with this heavy DLT-19 blaster rifle as seen in the original movie star Wars «, as well as in several films, games and cartoons since then. Carried by specific stormtroopers, these heavy blasters look great and you can build your own!

All of these components are available for $10 or less, but as you can see, this build is a bit tricky. Interestingly, this build is partly based on the German MG34, a semi-automatic rifle first released in 1936 and seen in many war films.

Not for beginners, the end results will cause a lot of gasp at the next convention you attend.

3 Han Solo Blaster

One of the most iconic pistols in movie history, Han Solo’s blaster was the pistol used to kill Greedo in the first film, and subsequently went up against stormtroopers on the Death Star, Hoth, Bespin, and Endor.

Build your own? If you need detailed assembly then this video Odin Abbot shows exactly how he did it. This requires some prior knowledge of propeller design, as well as a range of heavy tools. The end product, however, is amazing.

If this all seems too big, you could just set up a child’s toy instead. No, really. In this video Bill Doran demonstrates how you can recolor an inexpensive toy from » Star Wars, to make it look more like a movie prop.

4. Create your own BB8

Want your own BB8 droid? You don’t have to buy one for $250 or so — you can build one for less than $100 using magnets, a beach ball, an Arduino (see our Arduino guide for help, it’s really worth learning) and a few other things. and pieces.

We won’t lie: this is a complex, time-consuming build. But the results really speak for themselves. Best of all, this BB8 can be controlled via a mobile app via your phone’s Bluetooth connection!

Full instructions can be found in the Instructables guide, in which the builder — with the help of his father — gives detailed steps.

If you’re a big droid fan but want something less ambitious, try this astromech-based foam build:

5. Create your own lightsaber!

If you’ve never held an invisible lightsaber tube and made «vumm-tscumm-chchchchc» noises, then you probably don’t harbor any ambition to be a Jedi or a Sith. But if you have a leaning towards the light side or the dark side of the Force and want to start training, you will need to create your own.

William Jakespeare shows you how in this video, although note that no blade comes out of the saber. You’re basically looking at the build for the handle, which is basically based on Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in the original trilogy. However, in accordance with «The Force Awakens» it has a light bulb on the side, which is nice.

Of course, a lightsaber looks pretty dumb without a blade. You have a few options here, but our favorite is post-production with Adobe After Effects:

6. Be Boba Fett with this Jet Pack

Ever since Boba Fett fell into the jaws of the Sarlacc in the Great Pit of Karkoon ( Return of the Jedi ), he was gone. So much so, in fact, that it was added to the special edition » Star Wars» and his father, Django, was included as a key character in the prequel trilogy.

Of course, after his fame The empire strikes back Boba Fett is out of his mind. How else can you explain that he surpassed the blind Han Solo?

Using scrap PVC pipes, craft board, rubber tubes, plastic cups and other easily available materials, you can also create your own Jetalorian Jetpack, just like Boba Fett! Just make sure you don’t fall into the sarlacc’s mouth, right?

7. Mouse Droid!

Back in 1977, a collection of droids roaming the universe star wars, was a source of admiration. It’s still pretty amazing, with machines like powerful droids, probe droids, and those little guys, mouse droids.

These droids announce their presence «Tootoo-too», and their purpose is maintenance and repair. They can be seen in the original film as well as in » The Empire Strikes Back» and » Return of the Jedi» .

Can you build your own? Yes!

All you need to get started — as demonstrated Ace Cosplay above is a remote control car. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Watch the full video to see how easy this build is.

8. You don’t know the POWER of the dark side

It’s easy to impersonate Darth Vader: breathe hard like scuba diving into a mug and say your best James Earl Jones voice. But for the full effect, you’ll probably need a helmet to get started. Let’s be honest, this is the bare minimum you need to cosplay the greatest character. star wars (despite what the prequels did to him).

Now you can work in Darth Vader’s helmet, but it’s so complicated that it makes sense to start with a simple material like cardboard.

Of course, there’s no reason why you couldn’t upgrade to better material in the future. But for cosplay events and conventions where things can get damaged or lost, cardboard makes sense.

Do…or don’t. There’s no try

If you are a fan Star Wars» you probably want to create your own prop from time to time. Perhaps you prefer the toys or tighten them up to resemble cinematic props? Or do you enjoy taking a lightsaber to Toys R Us and dueling with your partner or son? You could even build some LEGO Star Wars!

On the other hand, maybe you just enjoy practicing your Darth Vader voice in an empty mug. star wars (like me).

Either way, we’d love to hear from you. Enough here to start preparing for your own film.» star Wars «. What is your favorite prop? Star Wars» ? Tell us all about it below. And don’t forget to take a look at these mobile apps that every Star Wars fan needs.

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