Looking forward to Raspberry Pi for Christmas? Is there one (or more) lying around, waiting for some action? Maybe something a little Christmas themed? How about a dozen Raspberry Pi projects you can do in a day?

But not just any day — every one of the 12 days of Christmas!

That’s right: it’s time to show your true love (your Raspberry Pi, that is!) Exactly what it means to you. Say thanks to your Raspberry Pi with these 12 best projects of the season.

1. Start Early for Emergence

Start with some LED Advent candles. But when does it start? Interestingly, Advent starts at a different time each year. So why not combine a digital dating system with a few LED candles and fire them automatically on the right date every year?

Here’s the solution: some code from GitHub and full steps on the Element14 website. Any model of Raspberry Pi will work for this. If you have an old first generation Raspberry Pi, try this to finally retire it!

2. Christmas tree light show

It’s always good to decorate the Christmas tree in due time too. This Raspberry Pi Christmas Sequencer project uses a Pi to control Christmas tree lights. The Pi is used instead of the Arduino to sync the music to the lights.

Full instructions can be found in this guide from Osprey22. It is best to install this on an artificial tree and not on a farm. This is because the equipment is installed under a tree, where water normally feeds natural wood.

In the meantime, if you want Christmas tree lights to work on your Raspberry Pi but don’t have the skills to create a light show, consider a budget alternative. Pi Hut is selling a compact 3D Raspberry Pi Christmas tree that just sits in a GPIO slot!

3. Christmas magic mirror from an old laptop

Built a Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror with a Christmas Theme

There are many options for using an old laptop. Removing the display for reuse for a futuristic «magic» mirror is one of the best. The idea is simple: you create a mirror that not only reflects you, but also shares information.

We have created such a device. noting that the most difficult part was not with the hardware or programming, but the structure. So our instructions will give you everything you need to get started.

Although our version of the project is not seasonal, it does not take much work to adapt it. In addition to the mandatory Christmas decorations, you can add information such as NORAD Santa Tracker on the display.

It can even count the number of shopping days until Christmas!

4. 3D Printed Christmas House

One of the best things about Christmas is the way people create seasonal scenes. These may be frescoes or images of cities covered in snow, perhaps with a train running around.

The video above shows how you can use the Raspberry Pi with such a project. The 3D typography was designed in TinkerCAD, as was the non-pixel backlit snowman. The house hides a Raspberry Pi and comes with basic wiring to bring the project to life. The code for the project is written in Python and controls the light and color of the snowman.

5. Control your outside Christmas lights

It’s not real Christmas until you light up the neighborhood with your holiday lights. But what is the best way to control them? The Raspberry Pi takes the top spot on the list; when used in conjunction with the necessary relays, GPIO can be used.

You will agree that the instructions and videos above provide stunning results. This is the first of four parts in a series that you must follow if you want to get the results achieved in this way. So don’t miss Raspberry Pi Christmas Light Control Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

6. Digital photo frame tree decoration

Most Christmas decorations are quite beautiful. Gold, red, maybe blues and silver, depending on preference. Having a color scheme is a great idea… but is it enough? Surely there is some way to «decorate» Christmas decorations?

As you can see, the answer is yes thanks to the digital photo frame approach. This build uses a compact Raspberry Pi display, specifically a TFT from Adafruit, connected to Pi digital photo frame software.

You can even use it as a Christmas present, including not only standard photos, but Christmas and other seasonal shots.

7 Raspberry Pi Fireplace

Live in an apartment or some other property without a chimney? Worried about Saint Nicholas getting stuck in your boiler or radiator? What you need is a homemade fireplace powered by a Raspberry Pi and some Neopixel LED strips.

This LED Fireplace is a great example of how you can use your Raspberry Pi to completely change your circumstances. While it does require some woodwork, installing a Pi with LED strips is relatively easy.

You could even add an audio loop of some burning magazines to complete the effect. Just don’t expect your home to get warmer…

8. Christmas songs when you enter the room

Nothing says Christmas in the 21st century like a collection of seasonal music from the 1950s. Do you prefer to ride around the Christmas tree or whatever I want for Christmas? Whatever your favorite, your Raspberry Pi can be the herald of seasonal greetings. Earlier we showed you how to create a music player that activates as soon as you enter a room.

So why not adapt it? Instead of playing your own tune, use your Raspberry Pi to play your favorite Christmas song? It could be a popular hit, a Christmas carol, or just Jingle Bells. Just make sure your choice sets the mood for the season!

9. Smart Gingerbread House

YouTuber Estafannie De La Garza is successfully working on this project, which, although complex, looks fantastic. Smart Gingerbread House combines Raspberry Pi and Arduino with a web page hosted on the Pi. Inside you will find servos, lights and buzzers that require a bit of soldering.

What you get is solar lanterns and a musical extravaganza, complete with dancing gingerbread men!

Note, however, that as much as you like gingerbread, this home is built using a glue gun, not icing. Also, the sensors in the assembly occupy some key positions inside and out, so be careful with the candy.

10. Home automate your Christmas tree

Who is the most helpful member of your family? We’re willing to bet it’s Alexa, and with the right software, you can connect the service to your Raspberry Pi.

When it comes to Christmas decorations, all you need is a few NeoPixels (enough to decorate your tree) and jumpers.

Ordering Alexa to turn on or change the brightness of your lights is a big part of home automation.

Since the builds are on this page, this is probably the easiest.

11. Santa detector

Catch a glimpse of Santa Claus this Christmas!

Need to catch a benevolent old man with gifts? Rather, you weren’t caught off guard when he showed up? Whatever the reason, it makes sense to have a Santa Claus detector on hand.

Using motion sensors (passive IR), Raspberry Pi 2 (or later), as well as speakers and headphones, this on the official website of the Raspberry Pi may notice Santa approaching. It has an alarm clock, Santa sprite and a task to add more effects and notifications when Santa Claus comes.

12. Christmas photo booth

Christmas is here, which means it’s time to party! One way to preserve the wonderful memories you are about to create is to build a photo booth. Forget smartphone cameras and use Raspberry Pi instead.

Perhaps the most difficult assembly on this page you need to prepare in advance. This requires 3D printed components and you can create a temporary backdrop for your photo booth. Spice things up with Christmas masks and accessories or a chic jumper.

You will find full details of this build at Makezine.com. However, you can combine it with this to print photos on a thermal printer:

All together now!

With so many builds you can do in one day, it makes sense to start on the first day of Christmas and work until the twelfth, building one at a time. At the very least, this will be a problem. But will you?

While you’re thinking about it, maybe now is the time to spend singing:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent me:

  1. christmas photo booth
  2. One Santa Detector
  3. Automated Christmas tree
  4. One smart gingerbread house
  5. Christmas songs when I enter
  6. Sizzling Raspberry Pi Fireplace
  7. Custom Digital Photo Frames Christmas Decorations
  8. And control your external Christmas lights with your Raspberry Pi
  9. RetroPie Game Station
  10. Christmas magic mirror
  11. Christmas tree light show
  12. And some automated advent candles

What do you think? Are you ready to get started or do you have your own Raspberry Pi Christmas project?

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